Special Offers & Discounts

Here is the list of our discounts and current special offers and other places where you can find offers and codes that work here. If you find a code elsewhere, then it probably will not work here.

Automatic Discounts

  • In our store, if you purchase 2 or more items you get an automatic Multibuy discount of at least 5%, that's on top of any other discounts in most cases. It is also Mix and Match to any products in our store*.
  • If you order 10 or more items, you automatically qualify for the Wholesale Discount* of 20%. Many other discounts will work with this also.
  • If you sign up to our newsletter, you qualify for a one-off 10% discount on any order. You will also receive notice of any other discounts.
  • If you use the 10% discount code from signing up to the newsletter, you automatically qualify for the next discount code and as long as you use it in the time frame, you can get the next one and so on. Each 'next one' has a higher discount value than the last. There are currently 3 in the series.
  • If you subscribe to certain items, you can save money on repeat orders. See the Subscribe and Save page and the Subscribe and Save Department.
  • Currently, if you add more than £7 of selected items in the Essential Oils, Cone Incense, Back Flow Burners and Ash Catcher departments, then you get an automatic discount of £1. This can also be used with many other discounts. Many items are already over £7, so you will automatically qualify for the discount. This is due to small order fees levied by the fulfilment centre for these products, so we pass on the saving when we can.

Voucher Codes

These are our current voucher codes for special offers. This does not include instant & personal, single use, voucher codes that you get when signing up to our newsletter or the loyalty scheme, which are accessible through the newsletter programme.
  • Current Promo: Use Code: KNTGFA8SZTKB.
    This is a great Cone Incense Gift Set or use as a starter kit.
    This will get you 4 x 10 boxes of incense cones for free, when you purchase any backflow incense burner over £7.
    • To activate, add your chosen Back Flow Incense Burner to your basket, then add the 4 boxes of 10 Pack Masala Cones to your basket, add the code and the boxes will be free.
    • Use the sticker in the burner to take you to the page with just qualifying burners and cones on for easy access.
    • Cones are worth £7.20
    • (excludes smoke boxes and other items able to burn cone incense).
    • The normal voucher terms and conditions apply, see Terms and Conditions pages. Cannot be used with any other offer and no cash alternatives are available.
    • Ends 31/05/2024 23:30

Others who are authorised to have our codes

You can visit the following sites to get voucher codes (if they have an at the moment). If you get one from anywhere else, then it probably isn't real.

  • www.cc-computers.com - From any page, select the menu at the top "Shops" --> "Special Offer Code" (NB it comes in a popup that only works on desktops)
  • members.cc-computers.com - They sometimes have one in their news and announcements section.
  • itforum.website - They frequently have a voucher code for us in their Announcements section and in some of the posts on the site.
  • yournews.website - You can find a bunch of special offers here as well as a few for us.
  • freeindex.co.uk - There is often a voucher code on the profile page to use on this site.
  • Google Business Profile - There is sometimes a voucher on here.
  • Google Shopping (occasionally)

Others that we have codes for you to use on their sites

  •  None at the moment, come back soon.

Note: If you get a code that is not from one of the above, then don't be disappointed if it doesn't work. We run our own voucher code system and will happily give codes to reputable sites, if they ask. They will also be listed above. If they are not listed above, then they either made it up themselves or pinched it from another site. We recommend you do not use dishonest sites like that.

If you own a website and feel that you need to have one of our codes for your site, then please email us at shop at cc-computers.com and tell us about yourself and why you think you should have a voucher code. We will be in touch when we complete vetting of your site, so please be sure to include all relevant information.

*Excludes Gift Cards and Subscribe and Save Items. Subscribe and Save items have their own discount levels.